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From Confusion to Understanding: Psalm 73

When I tried to understand all this, it was oppressive to me till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood their final destiny.
Psalm 73:16-17

Have you ever looked around and become confused and discouraged? You see people who are prideful, selfish, and evil remain carefree, healthy, and strong. The wicked around you continue to flourish. Yet, though you love the Lord and seek to follow and obey Him, you face numerous difficulties and heartaches.  

Years ago the writer of Psalm 73 observed these very things. As he looked around he became confused and oppressed. As questions began to form, he wondered if he had followed God in vain.  

 Perhaps you have reached a point of confusion where questions began to flood your mind. Why God? Have I followed You for nothing? Does it matter whether I seek to obey You or not? Do You even care?

 The psalmist came to two important conclusions that will help us in times of questions.  When I tried to understand all this it was oppressive to me (Psalm 73:16). You and I cannot make sense of that which happens around us. When we try to understand things on our own, answers to questions elude us and a sense of burden and confusion remains.

However, the psalmist made another conclusion: …it was oppressive to me till I entered the sanctuary of God; then I understood (Psalm 73:17). Coming into the Presence of God with prayerful worship and an open Bible is the start of understanding. The more clearly I behold God and His ways, the more clearly I see and understand the things around me from His perspective.

The wicked may prosper around us. Believers in Jesus may repeatedly face struggles, but only for a time. A believer’s final destiny is secure and glorious! Right now, however, when questions and confusion abound, where will your focus remain? If you focus on the world, understanding will not come. Yet, if you consistently focus on God and His Word, the veil of confusion will begin to part.


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