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…make my joy complete by being like-minded, having the same love, being one in spirit and purpose. Philippians 2:2

Years ago I belonged to a church God was blessing until one member got mad at the pastor. The angry man began a campaign to get rid of him. Before long, the church was in turmoil. Eventually, the pastor resigned and about half the members followed him. They started a new church a few miles from the old one. 

Of course the entire community heard about the situation. Behind closed doors many of them shook their heads and snickered over the Christians who couldn’t get along. 

God is dishonored by bickering among His people. He wants belivers to avoid disharmony and pursue unity. Plainly speaking, He wants us to get along. Then we can focus on fulfilling His purpose. 

The apostle Paul talks about the importance of unity in the second chapter of Philippians. In verse 2 he urges the believers to be like-minded, to love one another, and be one in spirit and in purpose.

Being like-minded doesn’t mean we will all necessarily want the new carpet in the sanctuary to be green. Some of us may prefer another color, but that’s okay. We can have different opinions about the carpet and other matters and still be one in spirit and purpose.

Our unity isn’t threatened by our having different opinions. It’s threatened by our failing to love one another. It’s threatened when our sin nature demands, Satisfy yourself. Put your wants and needs first. Get your way. 

When we love one another, our different opinions aren’t important. They don’t become huge issues. Instead, our focus is on what we share: the gift of salvation, being part of God’s family, and doing the work He has given us.

Father, help us to love one another


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