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The Example

 Likewise teach the older women…to teach what is good. 
Titus 2:3
I don’t think I’ll ever forget Eloise. Although she was thirty years older than I, she  seemed to have endless energy. Many of her generation at our church thought they were too old to take part in the ministries, but not Eloise.

Every week she taught children in Sunday School. On Tuesday mornings she visited prospective members. In the summers she worked in Vacation Bible School.

Another reason Eloise is memorable is the selfless way she served her family and friends. As a result her husband, daughter, and grandchildren adored her. We all did.

Eloise died in an accident. As usual she was going full steam. Leaving a hospital visit, she stepped off the curb in front of a car and was killed

I don’t think Eloise ever knew it, but she was my mentor. She trained me by her example. As older women are told to do in Titus 2:3, she taught me …what is good.

She also taught me that we are never too old to serve God. The ministries He gives us may change as our physical abilities decline, but we don’t have to retire. Even if we don’t have the energy of an Eloise, God has a job for us.

I think of Eloise often. She left her imprint on my life, and I thank God that she did.

Father, may we be godly examples to those who know us.


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