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Censor or Celebrate: Cookies and a Cow

Censor or Celebrate:

Cookies and a Cow

“I, even I, am He who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more.”

Isaiah 43:25

I confess that I’m a sneaky thief. I love cookies and as a girl I learned how to get as many as I wanted. Mom regularly baked cookies for the family and the house rule was, “you may have two cookies a day.” I couldn’t get my mind off of cookies. I wanted more than two.

A painted ceramic cow, with a separate lid for its back, kept the cookies safe. However, when no one was nearby, I learned how to lift the cookie jar lid, remove cookies, and replace the top without a clink.

Sin is like the rule about cookies. If there hadn’t been a limit I may not have been enticed to sneak extras. Rules expose our passions to live the way we want and then serve to point us to Christ, our Savior (Romans 8:3).

It’s become a sin to talk about sin. The word sin is conveniently shunned. Even devoted Christ followers hesitate to mention the “s” word. Imagine if we removed sin completely from our vocabularies. The word Savior would also be removed. Is it possible that this is the direction we are headed?

Sin, in the Bible, is compared to “a competitor who thwarts a racer in every direction.” The nature of sin is like an invisible tug-of-war. We love it one minute and pull it close to our hearts. We hate it the next moment and try to run from it.

We sin but we are no longer slaves to our old sin nature. Sin no longer has power over us. We don’t have to sin anymore. Isn’t that freeing news?

God’s grace allows us to see and admit our sin in a way that doesn’t condemn or destroy us. Knowing this truth gives us hope to face our deceitful hearts with courage!

Heavenly Father, I don’t want to do anything to break Your heart, but I know there are times when I do. I need my Savior continuously.

Karen Sims

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