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Teach Me

The discerning heart seeks knowledge. 
 Proverbs 15:14

Our human nature seeks the easiest way, right? We all have a tendency to get a little lazy. I’ll admit it if you do. That is why there are rows of frozen dinners that only require a few minutes in the microwave. This is the reason we even have microwaves!
My daughter wants to learn how to play piano. She has heard me play, and she has even learned to pick out some melodies on her own. So, she started lessons. After only a few lessons she was dissatisfied. I tried to explain to her that it would take time and practice to learn to read music. She promptly told me that she didn’t really want to read music. She just wanted the teacher to show her some songs to play. She thought that would be better. Easier? Maybe. Better? No way.
It’s hard to help kids understand that learning a lifelong skill is much better than learning a few “songs.” When we strive toward knowledge, we get so much more than just temporary pleasure.
The Lord encourages us to seek after Him. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13). He is right here, waiting for you. 
As helpful and inspiring short devotionals can be, there is so much more. I love reading from some of my favorite authors or personalities. I relate to them, they challenge me, and they cause my wheels to turn. My favorites also come with a chuckle. These are all good things.
I encourage you to use devotionals as a jumping off point. Read the referenced Scripture and dig in even further. Ask the Lord what He wants to teach you through His Word. Read and listen. My experience, in more than a few things, is that when you really work for something, when you put in time and effort, the results are well worth it. And the lessons learned are even more memorable. I want to learn more, to dive deeper, and grow closer to my Lord. Let’s not just pick out a little melody now and then; let’s immerse ourselves in His sonatas, His Word.
Lord, help us to seek Your face and Your knowledge. Open our hearts to insights that
can only come from You.
Julie Smith                                  

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