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I Am Wanted

Therefore I am now going to allure her; I will lead her into the wilderness and speak tenderly to her.
Hosea 2:14

Eight months had passed since Drew’s and Dana’s ten-year marriage started to unravel. Uncharacteristically, Drew accompanied Dana and the children to church one Sunday morning. It was Valentine’s Day.

The service was unremarkable until the associate pastor announced he would be teaching on romantic love from Song of Solomon.

Ouch. That’s the last thing I need to be reminded of today. Dana grew anxious and fidgeted in her seat.

Neither Dana nor Drew dared to glance at one another during the message. Just when she thought the sermon was over, the pastor asked the congregation a question.

“Would all of the couples here who are in love please stand up?”

Nooo! How could he ask such a cruel question?
Most couples spontaneously stood. In contrast, Drew and Dana remained seated. Tears burned in the corners of her eyes as she fought to appear calm. Finally, it was time to leave. On the silent trip home Dana’s pent-up emotions seeped out to God.

Any remaining hope drained from her with every tear. Despair descended as a heavy, obscuring fog to her core.

How long did God expect her to live with Drew since he didn’t want her? Would Drew ever get off the fence and either leave her or wholeheartedly commit to her?

Unwanted. Undesirable. Such were the thoughts that permeated her mind and pierced her heart. What was the truth? Would she even hear truth through her anguish?


God’s Word says were chosen by God, to be His own, before the foundation of the world…In love, we are adopted as His children through Jesus Christ to Himself...Adopted children are wanted children…God bought us and now lavishes us with the riches of His grace…(see Ephesians 1). Will we hear the One Who calls to us in our pain and choose to believe Him?

Pray with me:

Lord, You chose me and want me. Nothing and no one can change that. Help me to honestly confess and entrust my deepest hurts to You, the keeper of my heart.

Karen Sims

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