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The Long Arm of God

‘I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?’                                                                    
Jeremiah 32:27

Reality can be stranger than fiction. I was reminded of that by a story “Susan” told recently. She and her young adult grandson, “Johnny,” had been talking about a video the Billy Graham Foundation was offering. Johnny told Susan he wanted to get the video and invite a co-worker who was asking questions about Christ to watch it with him.

The next day Susan shared this story with her Bible study group. When she mentioned the store where Johnny worked, a new member of the group spoke up. She said her son worked there too, and he wasn’t a Christian.

With tears in her eyes, she added, “I hope that’s my son Johnny is talking to.” Now get ready for the final twist: yes, it did turn out to be her son!

Some folks might call this an amazing series of coincidences and declare, “Isn’t it a small world!” While I’m not a mathematician, I suspect the statistical improbability of those particular circumstances lining up would be enormous.

I just don’t believe coincidence can stretch that far. However, speaking figuratively, the long arm of God can. He can easily reach out to intertwine the lives of a concerned mother and her lost son with the lives of Susan and Johnny.

Sometimes I need to be reminded God is infinitely powerful. When I am overwhelmed by life’s complexities and problems I tend to forget. I need to remember God said, ‘I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?’ (Jeremiah 32:27).

Father, may I rest in knowing Your power.


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