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Thirsting for God

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.
Psalm 42:1

Dogs are chasing a beautiful doe. She finally escapes from her enemies. She comes to a stream of water. As she pants from all of the running, she is finally able to get the water she needs to restore herself. She is able to quench her thirst. 

This is a picture that comes into my mind every time I read this Scripture. I have come to love this passage. It reminds me of my life at times when I have let other things come between God and me. I sometimes let busyness take me away from God. I find myself like this deer, panting for God because I am thirsty for Him. 

In a Bible study that I was leading a few years ago, a lady entered the room one day. She had not been attending the study and was new to our group. I asked her to introduce herself, and she replied: “I am Barbara, and I am in a spiritual drought.” What a beautiful way to describe a dry spirit!  

Many people thirst, but they do not know that the only thing that will truly satisfy is God. They pant but try to quench their thirst with materialism, status, work, or a range of other substitutes.  

Are you thirsting for God? This psalmist knew that only the living God could quench the thirst of the human soul. God wants time with us. He wants to walk with us. He wants to share His love with us. A life without God is a life of frustration and disillusionment. 

Psalm 43 is a continuation of Psalm 42. It tells us truths that we need to remember when we are thirsty for God. God is our stronghold. God’s light and truth will guide us. We should place our hope in God. 

Do you feel that you are like the deer being chased by life? If you feel dry inside, maybe you are thirsting for God. 

Georgia Andrus

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