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An Anchor in the Storms of Life

             We have this hope an anchor for the soul, firm and secure . . .
Hebrews 6:19

Recently my husband and I went on a dolphin and whale safari. As we were about to board the boat, our guide announced that the waters were quite rough that day. We had already purchased our tickets. The guide said he could not refund our tickets but that he would transfer them to another day. We were vacationing in California and didn’t have another day. So we boarded.

I am not a real fan of water sports, so I began to feel uncertain. Sure enough, as we went out we were in rough water. I saw more white water than I wanted to see. The waves were beautiful to look at, but I didn’t particularly want to ride on them.

As we tossed about in the Pacific Ocean, I immediately thought about how quickly Jesus calmed the rough waters that came upon His disciples as they were fishing in the Sea of Galilee.

The Sea of Galilee is small but very deep. Storms can appear quickly and cause high waves. All Jesus had to do was to speak to the water, and calm descended upon them.

Sometimes life can be very stormy for us. We feel tossed about with problems, decisions, and difficult situations. When we give our lives to Jesus, He becomes our anchor in the storms of life. He also anchors our soul. We are anchored physically and spiritually.

Many people have not anchored their lives with Jesus. He is not their foundation. They have built their lives around materialism, power, recognition, hobbies. Therefore, they collapse when the going gets tough because they are not anchored in Jesus Christ.

Remember, Jesus can calm any storm that comes into your life, regardless of the size.

Father, I thank You for the hope and security You give us.

Georgia Andrus

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