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Dump Your Distress

 Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.
1 Peter 5:7

My husband and I live in a newly developed area, so there are homes being built around us. The other day I watched a dump truck unload a load of dirt. I immediately thought of our verse for today.

I have read that the French translation of this verse is “Unload your distresses upon God.” Being a child of God and knowing how He loves me, why do I feel that I have to carry my distresses alone?

I watched the truck driver back up to the lot, pull a lever, and the load of dirt dumped just where he wanted it to go. That truck would be of no further use if it carried its burden forever.

That’s how it is in our lives. God does not want us to be crushed under the weight of burdens. He wants us to unload them on His shoulders. We can’t live a good life if we are burdened down with unconfessd sin, problems, and other difficulties. Carrying our burdens with us affects our relationship with God and with others. It affects our prayer life. We are so consumed with our problems that we aren’t able to think.

We can be confident that God cares for us. His love and care for us is obvious. He sent Christ into the world to die for us. We can always turn to Him for the strength and encouragement we need.

Life can be overwhelming at times. But when it is, we should remember this: God knows what we are facing, and He cares for us.

Father, I thank You for the love and care You have for me. Help me to remember that you are always there to take my burdens.

Georgia Andrus


Anonymous said...

I Love that God divinely intercedes in our lives and often interrupts our plans to lead us to the place he needs us to be; which is what brought me to these words this morning. After a restless night of tossing around life's concerns, I decided to give up on sleep and start the day by reading my devotional, but the site (that I normally use) wouldn't load. After a few attempts of refreshing my browser, this site came into thought. Today's verse and the lines that followed were just what I needed. I've "unloaded" my worries on our Father and feel strengthened and prepared to face the day's tasks. Thank you for heeding to His call and sharing His wisdom for the day. You are a blessing. said...

So glad God directed you to We appreciate your feedback!