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So Easily Entangled

Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion
looking for someone to devour.
1 Peter 5:8b

Technologically fragile! That’s me. I know just enough to do the most basic tasks. I’m just not a techie and don’t even try to add new skills until I really need them. That sets me up for some difficult situations.

I hit one of those serious problems recently. In the process of sending e-mail messages, an unwanted graphic invaded my computer screen. Nothing that I tried removed this invasion. Then help arrived. Whew! A “repair service” number appeared on my computer screen.

A man responded to my call with promises to take care of my problem. Are you ahead of me here? Before I knew what was happening, he was drawing red graphics on my screen. Whoa! This is not good. He was in control of my entire computer.

I was finally able to end the conversation. BUT the unwanted pictures did not go away. Now, I’m in panic mode. I called my son who was able to clean my computer.

This whole scary experience reminded me of our enemy. While we may begin with a simple event, we go on without asking God to guide us and shield us. Many times we find ourselves with a serious dilemma.

Our enemy is patient and wily. He is ever watchful for opportunities that can so easily entangle us.

Is God concerned about my computer invasion? Yes, He is concerned with every facet of my life. My daily quiet time with Him gives me the comfort that He loves me, He cares about me, and He will protect me if I follow His leading.

There are days when my enemy is lurking and waiting to lure me into his way. If I am not alert, I can so easily slip into his trap. My son can’t clean that up for me, but The Son can. He loves me even when I am so easily entrapped.

Lynda S.

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