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When Angels Come

And he will send his angels and gather his elect from the four winds.
Mark 13:27a

Do you know what’s it like to die?  I don’t either, but my loving Heavenly Father has given me a beautiful picture.

My only sister, Carole, had a hard life as you and I would think. Mentally and emotionally challenged, her aging years added even more burdens. She hurt her foot which required her to use a walker. That was unusually difficult for her. That quickly accelerated to the use of a wheel chair. That made it even harder to take her for outings, especially dinner out (with dessert, of course!)

As she continued to decline, it was apparent that she had lost the will to live. The hospice nurse called to alert me that she felt that this would likely be Carole’s last day. As I walked into her room, Carole was lying peacefully in a bed freshly changed. Soft Christian music was playing quietly in the background.

I pulled up a chair, and began to sing quietly with the music, quoting some of our favorite scriptures, and lovingly stroking her hands. I could not detect any response but, I continued with what I could picture for her.

“Carole, in a few minutes you are going to see Mother and Daddy. They are going to be so happy to see you. Some angels are going to come to get you. They will be dressed in glittery and sparkly things that you like.

A short time later, she opened both of her eyes as wide as I believe she could. Closing them briefly, she opened them widely again and then breathed her last breath.

What did she see? No question for me, I know that she saw the angels as they escorted her into God’s glory. What a reunion that must have been! I wonder if God had ever been hugged like Carole loved to do.

What about you? What will you see? Are you ready for the angels to usher you into God’s presence? Contact our writers if you aren’t sure.

Lynda S.

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