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Who Needs a GPS?

Submit yourselves, then, to God…Come near to God and he will come near to you.  James 4:7a-8

I almost did not take my husband’s GPS with me on my trip to Houston to see my daughter because I knew exactly where I was going. I was taking the toll road. What could be easier?

Not long after I took that said road though, the GPS, the one I thought I did not need, started telling me to exit. Why? I asked myself, Nah, I know where I am going. So I just ignored it.  

It did not take much longer for it to become clear that I HAD gone the wrong way just like the GPS continued to tell me. I was on the Hardy toll way and needed to be on the Sam Houston toll way. Frustrated and with damaged pride, I had to exit and then wander around on an unfamiliar road in Houston after dark until the GPS could lead me to my destination.  

It dawned on me later that sometimes the same thing happens in my Christian life. I think I know exactly what I am doing. I’ve got this, I tell God. I ignore that still small voice in my heart saying, you don’t need that; think before you speak; listen to My voiceBefore I know it, I am wandering around in my spiritual life wondering what in the world has happened.

At that point, I become all ears to God’s voice as He directs my path once again. Thank goodness, He doesn’t give up on me and continues to speak to me even when I think everything is under my control.

Dear God, thank you that we can have a personal relationship with you where we can hear your voice. Thank you for reigning us in when we get too self-sufficient.   

Susan Partida                                      

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