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Prisons and Prisoners

He sent a man before them—Joseph, sold as a slave.
Psalm 105:17

Do you ever hear yourself thinking or even saying, “life is just not fair?" Others around you seem to have more, do more, seem happier, and things just seem to be going right for everyone else but you. If you haven’t thought it, it’s pretty sure that the children around you have said it.

The story of Joseph is familiar to many. He was blessed with wisdom and a spirit of confidence. His father, Jacob, gave him a beautiful, colorful coat. His jealous brothers threw him into a pit and then sold him as a slave to Egyptians.

His personal relationship with God enabled him to survive difficult circumstances and ultimately to prosper.

While he was serving as chief of staff in a wealthy household, he was falsely accused and thrown into prison. He passed this test of his character with flying colors and ultimately became the ruler of Egypt.

Our scripture today reminds us that these trying times were not accidental. Joseph’s journey was God’s plan. When his character was tested, (Psalm 105:19) he was faithful.

Are you in a prison? Are you enslaved by poor choices? By an addiction? By dishonesty? Do you question whether God will do as He has promised?

God knows where we are today. He knows His plans for us. He has plans for us as He did for Joseph. Consider your prison and trust Him.

Our loving Father has a purpose for whatever He allows in our life. We likely won’t see it, understand it, or like it, but if we have confessed Him as Lord and Saviour, we can step back and let Him handle it.

I have told you these things, so that in me, you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world (John 16:33).

Doesn’t that encourage you? Cheer up! It’s a done deal.


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