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Time and Times: Day 5

Sow for yourselves righteousness and reap the fruit of unfailing love…for it is time to seek the Lord.
Hosea 10:12

Part of my after-Christmas routine is the transferring of birthdays and anniversaries from my old kitchen calendar to my new one. Sure, I know all about day-timers and scheduling apps, but for me, nothing says “Uh oh! Look what you almost forgot!” like that big paper calendar on the inside of my pantry door.

This year’s calendar had the usual cardboard backing and plastic overwrap which I routinely wad up and throw away. I have always been vaguely aware of some kind of message on the cardboard backing, but, eager to be at my appointed task, I have never paid much attention to what it said. This year, in the sovereign plan and time of God, I read it for the first time.
If you, like me, are a Dayspring calendar aficionado, but, unlike me, a more careful reader, you may be familiar with the message. It is from Roy Lessin, the co-founder of the company, who must be a really fine man. I can’t think of a better way to end this week than his words: 

Just think,
     You’re here not by chance, but by God’s choosing.
     His hand formed you and made you the person you are.
     He compares you to no one else—you are one of a kind.
     You lack nothing that His grace can’t give you.
     He has allowed you to be here at this time in history    
                     To fulfill His special purpose for this generation.

In case no one has told you lately… welcome to the story!

Nancy Shirah

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