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So, as the Holy Spirit says:  “Today, if you hear His voice”
Hebrews 3:7

Does the thought of living today, right now, seem too hard? Maybe. Living in “today” may mean facing health issues, relationship struggles, or financial hardships, according to God’s leading. The suffering and pain that trials bring may feel unbearable and unthinkable. We want a way out. God promises to let us enter His rest as we listen to Him, instead of resisting Him.

In Psalm 95:7-8 David exhorts, “…Today, if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts…” This verse is quoted three times in Hebrews, within two chapters (3:7, 15, and 4:7), so “Today” is relevant to all readers of the psalm. “Today” means something like “while you still have opportunity.” It implies a sense of urgency.

Today is for today. Today is God’s gift given to each of us to respond to God when He speaks.

The start of a new year brings the occasion to examine our lives. However, we may become discouraged when we focus on the previous year as one event or plan how our entire upcoming year will be different. We may be tempted to set up camp in our pasts, avoid the present, and either wish or fear in our futures.  Past failures need not destroy our hope for the future and this is not wishful thinking. Hope is certain and becomes our reality when we don’t put off doing what God asks us today.  

One day at a time. Today. When we make healthy, life-giving choices today the prospects of a renewed life are good. We can start fresh today. Each day. By God’s grace. Through faith. 

Let’s heed God’s voice. Today. Each time we respond to God’s urging our hearts are tenderized and it becomes easier to hear Him the next time. 

Father, thank You for the good plans that you have for each of us today. I desire to forgive others and myself for things in the past, to listen to Your voice now, and trust You with certain hope, for a secure future.

Karen Sims

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