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Listen and Obey

…and be careful to obey so that it may go well with you…
Deuteronomy 6:3b

I told myself, “Better not put your earrings in the same purse pocket with your keys. When you pull out the keys the earrings may go too and get lost.” I am now minus one earring.

I told myself, “Better not put that crockpot on the corner of the counter like that. It may overbalance, fall off, and break.” I used to have two crockpots, now I just have one.

I told myself, “Better not put your brand new I Phone 6 on the back bumper of your car. You might drive off and forget it.” My bank account balance became drastically reduced after an I Phone 6 repair.

After these incidents started adding up a friend told me, “You need to start listening to yourself and following your own advice.”

He was right, I really had not listened to my own advice lately. In spite of my own warnings I had gone ahead and done the things I knew I should not do. Each incident led to the very same negative consequences I had feared.

God speaks to me in much the same way. He knows the consequences of my actions both good and bad. He calls me to listen and obey. When I do not, I have to learn the hard way. Not because He is a harsh God, but because of the natural consequences of the decisions I make.

Obedience to God’s commands may take a little more time, or thought, or effort. In the long run though I do believe that things will go much better if I listen and obey.

God, thank you that trusting and obeying Your voice leads to much better outcomes.

Susan P.

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