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Comfort Zone

Holy, holy holy is the Lord Almighty;
the WHOLE earth is full of his glory.
Isaiah 6:3

I used to trudge around our block in the name of exercise – boring, but safe. My husband tried to get me to venture out farther. Out of my comfort zone, what if I could not make it that far? No thanks!

Fortunately, I finally ended up following my husband’s advice. At first, I just felt pride in my accomplishment, but then I started noticing some interesting things around me.

Sometimes, I found coins along the way. I thought of them as my little prizes for walking that far. Even more importantly I noticed other people’s kindness. Concern for my safety brought out the best in drivers as I got near parking lot entrances. Strangers cared enough to look out for me.

I also got to meet some great people along the way. One time I met a couple of teenage football players carrying their jerseys to the High School. Very polite young men, yes mam’s and no mam’s filled their conversation with me. They could have gone on their merry way without even speaking, but they took time to visit.

As for God’s creation, I’ve seen horses, bunnies, beautiful skies, flowers, and other wonders along the way. All those blessings I would have missed had I stayed right there on my block.

Just like my husband did, God encourages me go further than I have every gone. Do it with Him. Learn from Him. Grow with Him. Will I cling to the comfortable or will I put my walking shoes on and head on out? I say, “Let’s go!”

God, your whole world is filled with your glory. Thank you for sharing that glory with me.

Susan P.

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