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The Two Ps

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven
2 Chronicles 7:14

Prayer and Position. Prayer and Position. David’s attributes that caused God to say he was a man after His own heart.

Can we be women after God’s own heart? His Word says we can. Prayer and position! Prayer and position! Let’s print those words on our mirrors, on our refrigerators, and on our hearts.

Prayer---unfiltered, open, honest dialogue with God.

Position---remembering God is not indebted to us. He owes us nothing! We are indebted to Him. We owe Him everything!

How do we begin to repay our debt to God? By glorifying Him, obeying Him, accepting His GOOD gift of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is how we respond to His goodness that changes our heart position.

To be a person after God’s own heart is not gender specific. Talk about it and teach it to your children, your grandchildren, and all the children and adults God has placed in your sphere of influence.

While I get my pen ready to write on my refrigerator and on my heart let’s pray.

Lord God Almighty, You thrill my heart! Because of Your goodness I can talk with You openly with all my emotions and know You love me, hear me, and will do what is best for me. Your love to me through Jesus awes me. Thank You for being my GOOD Abba Father.

Claudia Jackson                 

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