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Shoe on the Other Foot

The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.
Exodus 14:14

The front door slammed and there in the entryway stood my little brother, tear-streaks lining his muddy face. He was holding one tennis shoe, standing in saggy tube socks.

Brian took my shoe and won’t give it back.
Since moving to Houston a month before, my eight-year-old brother had been bullied by the boys on our street. When he walked out the door, he never knew what would happen. This afternoon he was met with cruelty. His new shoes had caught the eye of the ringleader and one was confiscated.

As I was rehearsing a retaliation plan in my mind, my mother rounded the corner. She guided my brother to the kitchen, offering a cold cloth and lemonade. He explained how he tried to rescue his shoe, but ultimately gave up.

Why don’t we pray that God will take care of this? He says in His Word that He will fight for us and we can remain silent.

As I listened to my mom’s plan, I must admit that I was skeptical. I could see no way this situation would resolve minus mothers having long conversations and boys being punished.

Let’s wait and see what happens.
After she added this, I decided the shoe was gone forever.

Ding Dong.

When we opened the door, much to my surprise, there stood Brian, shoe in his shaking hand. I spied evidence of tears on his face as well.

I’m sorry I took your shoe. Want to play kick-the-can?

Just like that it was over. My mom went back to the kitchen, I returned to my book and the boys scattered to their hiding places. I never knew exactly what happened, but suspected Brian’s motherly intuition. That day marked a turning point where the bullying stopped and friendship started.

Father, thank You that You see the smallest injustice and will work for my good and Your glory. Help me entrust my life into Your hands and wait for You to work.

Whitney P.

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