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Sweet and Sour

You may be sure that your sin will find you out.
Numbers 32:23

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I still remember that sweltering sunny day. As a child, picking strawberries was one of my favorite summer outings. I loved walking the aisles, eyeing the perfect berry and plucking it off the bush. As we began, I distinctly remember my mother’s instructions. No tasting the berries before we pay. That’s stealing.

I tucked her directive in the back of my mind and headed out. There was no time to waste. Walking the aisles, my basket rubbing against my thigh, I found some nice berries. Good one here, another one there.

Turning a corner, my eyes landed on a berry like I had never seen before, the sun glinting off its shiny, plump side. I just knew it would be good. I carefully pulled it from the bush and was about to drop it into my basket when the thought popped into my mind. Take a bite.

Instantly I heard my mother’s directions. I didn’t want to be a thief. But I also wanted to make sure the berries were tasty. I should taste it.

I stole a glance down the aisle to see my brother and mom combining all their berries into one basket. I turned my head the other direction, lifted the berry to my lips and took a bite. Sweet summertime flooded my mouth and dripped down my chin.

Swallow. Smile.

As I raised the remaining half of the berry to my mouth, a silver glint caught my eye. That’s when I realized there was an enormous worm that had found a home in that very berry – until the moment I had bitten him clean in half.

That was the first and last day of my brief flirtation with thievery. It started sweet, but left a sour taste in my mouth.

God, thank You for providing a way for us to turn around when we start down a bad road. You are always gracious to forgive and provide a new beginning.

Whitney P.

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