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Single Point of Access

For through [Jesus] we both have access to the Father by one Spirit.
Ephesians 2:18

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“We have no tickets with your name,” responded the attendant at the ticket booth. My daughter had lifeguarded a birthday party at the minor league baseball stadium. The father of the birthday girl offered my daughter tickets to a game as a thank you. We arrived expecting a fun afternoon of baseball, but without tickets we had no hope of getting in.

“What was the man’s name you spoke with?” I asked my daughter. The attendant made a phone call. “Wait over there,” she said, turning to help the next customers.

Before long, a man introduced himself and led us through the main gate. We exchanged small talk as we walked with him. He opened the locked gate of the fencing surrounding the area under the bleachers. We wound past the teams’ locker rooms and other private rooms.

This is pretty cool! I thought. Not everyone gets to see this perspective!

Unlocking another door, we were escorted into a maze of offices and then into his personal office. This is no ordinary worker!

After giving us the tickets, the man led us back into the stadium. The escorts directed us to our seats. Descending row after row, we stopped at the very first row right next to the home team dugout. People stared at us as we took our seats, likely wondering who we were to be sitting in such honored seats.

I couldn’t internet search the man’s name fast enough! Turns out he was the co-owner of the team and stadium!

I was getting nowhere on my name at the ticket office. One mention of the owner’s name gave us immediate access. I can only get to God through Jesus’ name and His blood. He is our single point of access.

But He doesn’t just let us into the main gate. He leads us through the outer court, the inner court and into the Most Holy Place (Hebrews 10:19), into the presence of the Father!


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