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Family May Be Your Ministry

… Put your religion into practice by caring for your own family …
I Timothy 5:4

I have a front row seat as I watch this verse play out in my family.

My husband’s dad became unable to care for himself a few years ago because of dementia. We lived about two hours away from him then, and he didn’t want to move.

About a year ago, we decided driving two hours every other weekend wasn’t the best for him or us. Besides, he needed more care than assisted living could provide. So we moved him to a memory care facility just a few miles from our house.
My husband has been the only family member to care for him during these tough years. Yet we’ve seen answered prayers by following God’s instruction.

“Grandpa” didn’t follow God in earlier years. He spent most of his life doing his own thing, estranged from family.

As a Christian, my husband knew this wasn’t God’s will. He was deeply concerned with his dad’s salvation and took on the responsibility of caring for him when dementia hit.

Thankfully, we have seen God answer our prayer for Grandpa’s salvation. Even with his memory problems, he sings old hymns and prays like he never did when he was younger. He even says he’s not afraid to die because he knows God will take him home.

If my husband hadn’t been so faithful about putting I Timothy 5:4 into practice, Grandpa could have easily died alone as an unbeliever.

Instead, my husband chose to take the more difficult path. He shows his dad great love and compassion. He visits him frequently. He takes him on outings even when it’s extremely inconvenient. He goes out of his way to find things his dad enjoys — like a special music player for Alzheimer’s patients.

How are you putting your beliefs into practice by caring for your family? Whether you have young children or elderly relatives, caring for family should be a high priority.


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