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How My Boys Taught Me About Contentment

But godliness with contentment is great gain. 
I Timothy 6:6

Contentment. I like how Webster’s defines this for kids: being pleased or satisfied with what one has or is.

Children aren’t usually known for being content.

I know I wasn’t.

As a child, I had a long list of wants. I started in September, making my Christmas list as the catalogs filled our mailbox.

My boys are different though. Their lists are usually very short, consisting of only one or two items.

My parents and sister marvel at this, wondering what to buy them sometimes.

I tried to help everyone out this year by naming some things I thought they would enjoy or offering to replace an old item. Nine out of 10 times, both boys told me they didn’t need whatever it was I suggested.

Yesterday, my oldest came home talking about the latest gadget some of his friends got for Christmas. I found it so interesting that he didn’t want one. Even though lots of school friends have this cool watch, he didn’t desire one.

That’s contentment, I thought.

Tweens and teens usually aren’t known for being content. But at least at this stage, mine are. And I’m grateful.

I must admit that many times I’m not as content as my boys. I still want the cool gadgets that my grown-up friends have. I compare myself to others and feel inadequate.

In the context of today’s scripture, Paul writes about godliness and contentment. If you read the entire chapter, you see that false teachers were teaching that godliness leads to financial wealth. We see the same teachings today in some circles.

Let’s embrace Paul’s message to Timothy and ask for contentment in whatever situation we’re in.

Lord, help me to be content with what you’ve given me and where you’ve placed me.


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