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Two Different Men, Two Different Outcomes

Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation and leaves no regret, 

but worldly sorrow brings death.
1 Corinthians 7:10

The Last Supper with Jesus and his disciples was in full swing. Did the disciples understand that the end of Jesus’ earthly ministry loomed ahead of them? I cannot answer that question, but it did not seem like it.

Jesus mentioned that one of the men sitting around the table would betray him. It baffles me that Judas Iscariot asked the same question of Jesus the rest of the disciples did, “Surely you don’t mean me?”

Judas listened to Jesus every day. He heard his message and saw his miracles. Yet, he still betrayed him. When he realized what he had done, Judas lost hope and took his own life.

Another man sat around that same table, Peter. Peter swore that he would not ever betray Jesus. He would go to the death with him if it came to that. Even after Jesus told Peter that he would deny him, Peter still could not believe he would actually do it.

When the predicted denial did happen, Peter became distraught just as Judas had. The difference between the two men though – repentance, Peter wept sorrowfully because of his sin. He recognized it as sin. Judas, though sad, did not seem to repent of his sin.

When Jesus gave Peter a second chance and asked him three times if he loved him. Peter had the opportunity to answer each time more boldly than the last that, yes, he did love him and willingly accept the consequences of that love. This time Peter knew those consequences would more than likely lead to his own death, but he loved Jesus enough at that time to truly say yes to anything that followed.

Judas’ despair led to death. Peter’s repentance and confession led to life – eternal life. I would much rather chose Peter’s path than the other.

God, thank you for the opportunity to come to You and repent of our sins. You are our Salvation.

Susan P.

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