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Side Dishes

Trouble chases sinners, while blessings reward the righteous.  
Proverbs 13:21

Today we are going to talk about the side dishes. My daughter-in-law once said she loves the sides. I guess it just depends upon what you like most about the menu.

Side dishes usually consist of the vegetables, rolls, cranberry sauce, dressing, and salads.  These sides compliment the main course.  Looking at these dishes I think of them as the blessings in our lives.

First is the main course, the purpose (salvation and service). Once we are assured of that we receive the blessings (side dishes).  These are things that make life worth living.  When God blesses our lives He gives us a real tangible aspect of His grace.

Life is more meaningful with the blessings. They show us just how much God loves us and is actively working in our lives. It tells us He is pleased with what we are doing for Him.  It makes the hard times a little easier to handle.  Blessings come in many ways.  They can come in the form of family, friends, fortunes, and fun just to name a few.

Blessings are all the good things in life we can share with the world. The ones I am loving more the older I get are the peace and joy I only find in loving Jesus.  He is the only one that can satisfy my needs. All the other earthly things are fleeting and can be gone in an instant.

I believe the world is desperate for these blessings yet does not know where to find them. People continue to work until they drop, fail at relationships, focus on fun and entertainment, yet find no peace and joy.

I hope I can be more alert to the needs of the world so when given the opportunity I am ready to share Jesus with the next one I meet.

Thank you Jesus for my relationship with and for all the blessings.


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