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Action Required - Pray

Pray continually.
I Thessalonians 5:17

Pray is our action word for this day. Does that word continually concern you? Me, too. Go with me as we study.

Did Paul, the writer of Thessalonians, mean that we should stop everything we are doing, to pray all day? No, but what action do we take?

What is prayer? It’s communication with God; talking and listening. When we are in a conversation with friends, do we talk more or listen more? (Ouch!)

Unlike family, friends, and others, God is always with us. He always listens to us.  Even with others, don’t we sometimes regret our words? Good news: God forgives.

I have heard a few testimonies from people who say that God has spoken orally to them. That’s not my story. He speaks to me in ways that I can understand.

As I was walking my dog late one evening, God whispered to me. “Lynda, are you seeing that picture that I’ve painted for you? Those clouds of moving shapes and those indescribable colors are all my creation.”

As I held my phone camera up to try and captured some of the beauty, I talked to Him. The scene was indescribable and in my awe, I praised and thanked Him. What would you have said?

The late Ruth Bell Graham is quoted as saying that she prayed on the hoof. As the wife of Bill Graham and the mother of five children, she was one busy woman so she prayed as she went about her daily responsibilities. God can listen while we cook, do laundry, or rock a baby. He has twenty-four hour hearing.

So, what we will we do? He is always with us. Talk to him; sing to Him; share the beauty of that tiny butterfly in the flowers. Listen! What is He saying to you?


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