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Quieting a Tormented Heart

“See, LORD, how distressed I am! I am in torment within, and in my heart I am disturbed, for I have been most rebellious. Outside, the sword bereaves; inside, there is only death.”
Lamentations 1:20

I was home alone. It was a quiet Saturday morning—except for the clamoring thoughts inside my mind.

Unable to contain them any longer, I cried aloud to the One Who hears me. Agitated, I paced the cold kitchen floor and then stopped to gaze out of the storm door to the fenced back yard. I continued to call out to God in anguish.

“Why, Lord, isn’t it okay for me to be angry and express myself like everyone else does?” I blubbered through hot tears.

“Because when you do, you harm others; your words cut and inflict deep pain.”


Meekly, I responded, “Lord, I want to release and express anger without wounding others.”

Suddenly, a magnificent form, much too large for our backyard, caught my attention. A flash of bright gray swiftly came and went. Then another. Again, gone. I rushed to the window in the adjoining room.

Two regal doves serenely gleaned fallen seeds beneath our hanging bird feeder, oblivious to the noisy, flitting finches above their heads.

Calm. God was near.

Peace glided into my troubled heart as God’s Spirit quieted the storm within.

Then the doves took silent flight. No evidence remained outside of the presence of the two uncommon visitors.

The proof of their presence, however, saturated my mind and heart as a warm, fragrant, sealing oil. God’s precious gift to me left a lasting imprint.

Wounds healed. 

Thank You, Holy Spirit, for Your gentle, merciful, and beautiful intervention in our hearts. You show Yourself to us in the midst of the storms that rage within us. You hear us. You answer our cries. You are our safe place where our souls take refuge. Your answers are unexpected, unpredictable, and creatively tailored for each of us.

Karen Sims

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