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What a Relief

“It is God who arms me with strength and keeps my way secure.”
2 Samuel 22:33

Mowing the lawn is kind of fun for me. Even though I get hot and sweaty, I still like it. 

One day I when I went out to mow, the mower felt like it weighed as much as a ton of bricks. I pushed as hard as I could, but it would not cooperate. I kept trying and trying, pushing and pushing with all of my might, but something just was not right.

All of a sudden, it hit me – the lawnmower was self-propelled! That particular function would not work unless you pushed a button. When I pushed the button, off I went with much less effort and much more ease.

Oh, I still found holes in the yard and obstacles to go around, but using the mower the way it was intended made the job so much easier. 

Sometimes I think the Christian life is much the same. We try and try to do everything ourselves, but we do not have to do so. God is right there waiting on us to call on Him so He can spring into action with us.

We will likely still find unexpected twists and turns, ups and downs. He promises to accompany us through each one and make those deviations much less treacherous.  To become “Spirit Propelled” all we need to do is acknowledge Him in all aspects of our life. He awaits us there. He does not expect us to go through anything in our own strength and power. What a relief.

Lord, your strength is immeasurably better than that of our own. Help us to remember to call on You morning, noon, and night. 

Susan P.

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