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How DO I Feel about Myself?

Then he put his hands on her, and immediately
she straightened up and praised God.
Luke 13:15

“How do you feel about yourself now?,” asked the smarty pants copier repairman after finding a piece of paper stuck in the very same copier I had just cleaned out.

My first reaction was to spout off that I was feeling pretty good about myself right about then because the exact same thing would undoubtedly happen to him shortly when he tried it out. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to keep my mouth shut because it did not take long for my prediction to come true.

I really do not think he was trying to be ugly. He just wanted to be funny, but I have to admit that his question made me a little indignant at first.

How do I feel about myself NOW?

In the past my feelings of inadequacy could be paralyzing. I could get pretty down on myself. But NOW, things were different.

It started out with finding a Bible study book that I had bought years before. I had begun the study several times, but had never gotten very far. This time I decided to start where I left off instead of at the beginning. I made a commitment to actually complete the whole study book so I put it right by my bed with my Bible. I could not even get out of bed without stepping on it. Every morning when I woke up it was right there to greet me. I would grab it and get busy working on it without a second thought.

What a blessing! Spending time with God every day searching his Word took the pressure off of me and my short comings and put the focus on Him and His power. What a relief and what joy!

The copy guy probably did not put much thought into his question, but if anyone ever asks it again, I have thought about the answer I will give.

Why, thank you for asking. I feel quite blessed because Jesus has his hands on me.”

God, thank you that our worth comes from you not ourselves. 

Susan P.

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