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Paid in Full

Blessed are those whose transgressions are forgiven,
whose sins are covered.
Romans 4:7

Back in my young impetuous single days, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a mobile home. The cutest little thing, it had a bedroom on each end and the open plan with the kitchen, dining, and living room in the middle. I also got my first very own washer and dryer in the deal.

After spending a few happy years there, I became engaged and got married. My new husband moved in with me and we began our married life. Not long afterward he got a job in another town so up for sale went my little mansion on wheels, no problem, so we thought. It was practically new, no damage or problems. Anyone would love it.

We tried every trick in the business to sell that mobile home, but we had no luck whatsoever. The original bank had sold my loan to another lending institution and they would not cooperate at all. Eventually we let it go back to the bank.

Years later we decided to buy our first real home. I nervously told the loan officer what had happened with my little mobile home. He told me that all we could do was check out our credit report.

When he got to the part about my mobile home, he exclaimed, “Look at that!” I couldn’t believe it when I looked and read the words, “PAID IN FULL.” My eyes teared up immediately. We had let it go. We had not honored our commitment. Yet there it was in dark black print. Our debt had been paid. We had no bad credit connected to our names at all.

Paid in full,” that is exactly what Jesus did to our sin debt when He died on the cross. “Paid in full,” my sins have been forgiven because of His blood. I had nothing to do with it. All I had to do was believe it.

I have no doubt when I get to my heavenly home that God will look at my record. I also have no doubt that because of His Son, Jesus Christ’s sacrifice for me, He’s going to say, “Come on in because your debt has been PAID IN FULL.”

Thank you Lord for offering Salvation by Your grace. It is nothing that I ever could have done or deserved. It is all You.

Susan P.

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