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Morning Joy

Sing to the Lord for He has done glorious things; let this be known to all the world.
Isaiah 12:5

Ohhhh, the first breath of the cool morning air, the sun is just beginning to pink the eastern sky and my pesky front yard mockingbird is barely aware I am in his territory. I love this God time! I want to twirl around with out-stretched arms in praise to my awesome Creator God.

This poem by Jo Carr and Imogene Sorley from their book Bless This Mess and Other Prayers expresses my morning prayer of gratitude.

“Lord, thy mockingbird fills the new morning with a song of uninhibited joy!
Later today he will hunt berries and seed.
Later today he will drive the sparrows from his domain
And perhaps tease the cat.
But for this moment he is completely consumed with joy.
I thank thee, Lord, for such moments.
Thy creatures express it---
   a lamb, gamboling in spring grass;
   a pup, uninhibited, uncoordinated, and utterly jubilant;
   a child, exulting in new shoes
                or bare feet
                or hot cookies.
I thank thee for the privilege of seeing their moments.
And I thank thee from the very depths of my being
when such moments come to me,
and I too know uncontainable joy.
Like now.
Standing here, in the clear cold of early morn,
    Seeing that star---is it Venus?---
    shining in the east,
    with all the added brilliance of not-quite-dawn.
Standing here alone—with thee—
     calling the children to come and see.
Later this day I shall mop and dust my small domain
     and feed the cat.
But for this moment I am completely consumed with
      I thank thee, Lord.


Claudia Jackson

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