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Vision Test

Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame…
Hebrews 12:2a

Facing the vision test in the optometrist’s office gives me nothing but anxiety. Oh, it does not cause any physical pain, but when I think about wearing the same pair of glasses for a couple of years I really want that test to be accurate.

The hair on the back of my neck starts to rise when I hear the dreaded question, “Which one looks better number 1 or number 2?” I stammer, I stutter. He offers to show me the options again. Some are easy choices, but some -- the more I look the more frustrated I get. That is when I begin to squint. I feel that squinting will give me the best view possible when actually it gives me a false impression.

Recently, I heard someone say that the absence of light causes one to squint. It made me think about how the absence of His Light in a person’s life could cause him/her to squint spiritually, rendering a false view of God. A person could think they see the truth, but be missing it through the eye half open squint.

How can we see things clearly when it comes to God? We have to start with God, himself. We have to move into His Light by inviting Him to come into our lives. We cannot just go by what we have heard about God. We go by what He reveals to us through His Word and spending time with Him.

Fortunately, when it comes to God, he wants us to be eyes wide open. He wants us to know Him more and more, and, He provides us with the opportunities to do so. We must not squint. We must “fix our eyes on Him.”

God, thank you for allowing us to see You through your heavenly vision of salvation.

Susan P.

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